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Stainless Steel Security Guard Booths , Park Security Guard Shack
Security Guard Booths
Stainless Steel Security Guard Booths , Park Security Guard Shack


  1. Main frames are made of high quality stainless steel 75mm*45mm*1.2mm
  2. Unique welding techniques ensure high wind resistant
  3. Using 8mm curved glass ensure best visibility
  4. Using 1.2mm SS sheet (Sand Blasted) as an exterior frames
  5. Using aluminum composite board as an interior deco design
  6. Internal ceiling are made of high-grade aluminum panels
  7. Comes with 2 sets of florescent lighting (Brand: Philip)
  8. Comes with an exhaust fan
  9. Pre-drilled all holes for Air-conditioning piping and draining
  10. Using 3mm non-slip aluminum board for flooring
  11. Heat insulation and noise protection in guard booth
  12. Pre-installed an air conditioning rack at the top of the booth
  13. Comes with a work station (stainless steel countertops) and two high-grade wooden drawers
  14. All booth can be customized as per client’s drawing and specs
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