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Telescoping Automated Electrical Aluminum Flag Pole 8m - 15m
Aluminum Flag Pole
Telescoping Automated Electrical Aluminum Flag Pole 8m - 15m


  • Sectioned connective structure (Patented)
    • ​​easy for transportation
    • no welding needed
    • able to assemble on site
    • telescopic designed, ensure the flagpole is firmly standing straight
  • ​Advanced steel cable with bead chain pulley device
    • never get entangled
    • high-pulley efficiency
  • Intelligent flag-raising fucntion
    • the devices shall determine from learning both height of the pole and the length of the theme song to coordinate synchronization.
    • user friendly, with no expertise required
  • Fail-Safe Function
    • after flag is raised, the system will automatic cut off the power to prevent any misoperation
  • Optional Add-on:
    • Column sound box
    • lawn sound box
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